Mailing Circle Artists

This project initially began as a way for Cindy to keep in touch with some of her artist friends. Inspired by a similar art project, Cindy collected a few friends to participate, Chris and Matt were first in line, then Jen and Eileen rounded out the mailing circle.
Chris Kawagiwa [sketchboy01] [chriskawagiwa] is a freelance illustrator, storyboard artist, e-card fashioner, tv extra, comic loving super hero.
Contact at:

Cindy Wong
[conscious cins] is a graphic designer, freelance painter, dunny collector, blogging addict, and questionable baker.

Jen Herr
[les cahiers] [jenherr] is a freelance graphic designer, jewelry designer, etsy extraordinaire, cinephile, and literary lover.
Contact at:
Matthew Dow [dow graphic design] is a freelance graphic designer, threadless illustrator, potential graphic novelist, film artist.

Eileen Delgado
[elieen delgado] is an animator, graphic designer, motion graphics guru, and ping pong paddle perfectionist.